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Greg cote


Maker of Stuff + Nonsense

Chaotic Good



Alli Villines

Executive Whimsist

Musician + Maker

Neutral Good




\ ˈlō-ˈfī  \


: the production or reproduction of sound characterized by an unpolished or rough sound quality

lo-fi puppets + stuff


\ ˈlō-ˈfī ˈpə-pəts \

: houston based puppet builders, makers of stuff, and puppeteers dedicated to DIY ethics and aesthetics in the production of art and performance of puppets characterized by their unpolished and rough quality. 

created primarily through the use of cardboard, paper mache, hot glue, construction paper, found objects, wire hangers and cheap paint



lo-fi is, above all, invested in making cool stuff.
making cool stuff with kids in hopes they never stop playing.

making cool stuff with theatre companies so they can realize their visions. 

making cool stuff with our friends so we will always have a thing to share. 

making cool stuff with musicians who are looking for something new in their live shows. 

making cool stuff with people you don't like in hopes that you might like them one day. 

making cool stuff with students of all sorts to teach them any number of lessons.  

making cool stuff with strangers in a park until we aren't strangers anymore.

making cool stuff with objects people don't want and turning them into something they might.

making cool stuff alone in dark rooms because it's the only thing that helps.

lo-fi puppets. making cool stuff. 

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